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Physiotherapy Equipment

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Toning Tables are very usefull in physiotherapical uses.

Toning table are designed to position the body in just the right way to focus on a particular muscle group. While the toning table goes through its motion, you perform isometric exercises to gain the most benefit. Isometric exercises are performed by tightening a specific muscle and holding it, or moving very slightly. Many yoga and Pilates moves are isometric exercises, and they are very effective. toning table assist you by providing a little more


Set up of Toning Tables2

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We as toning table manufacturers are having a big 8 years of experience in this field and having big customer group in all Indian market of toning tables. These toning tables are useful in many ways like fitness centres, weight loss centres, inch loss centres, toning saloons, beauty parlours, rehabilitation centres, cardio-vascular clinics, physiotherapy centres, spas, townships, big resorts, 5 Star hotels, etc. We have large number of centers across india some cities are as under.