Physiotherapy Equipment

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Toning Tables are very usefull in physiotherapical uses.

Toning table are designed to position the body in just the right way to focus on a particular muscle group. While the toning table goes through its motion, you perform isometric exercises to gain the most benefit. Isometric exercises are performed by tightening a specific muscle and holding it, or moving very slightly. Many yoga and Pilates moves are isometric exercises, and they are very effective. toning table assist you by providing a little more intensity to the isometric move.

Tummy toner toning table

Tummy toner toning table Machine is stationary from the top section, with the lower section moving up to aprox  a 45 degree angle and down to a 30 degree angle (which can be adjustable according to your requirement). The patient lies supine on the table, with buttocks above the hinge of the two sections.

Tummy toner toning table stretches hip flexors, trunk, and will help to prevent kidney problems by increasing circulation. A variable speed control mechanism allows the therapist a selection in the number of revolutions the patient will experience per minute. The speed can be reduced to as low as one RPM.

Stomach and shoulder toner toning table

Stomach And Shoulder Toner toning table helps to starch entire upper body in the specific manner. It tones stomach muscles very gently. Stomach & shoulder toner strengthen you entire shoulder area, it is something like doing 200 push-ups in just 7minutes. It also helps improve your flexibility.

Hip waist toner toning table

Hip waist toner toning table  has the lower half which moves from left to right. The upper portion remains stationary. The patient lies supine with dorsal lumbar at the union of the two machine pieces. A lateral flexion, alternating left and right sides, is experienced by the patient. Increased trunk flexibility and blood circulation benefit the patient. A variable speed control mechanism allows the therapist a selection in the number of revolutions the patient will experience per minute. The speed can be reduced to as low as one RPM

Upper body toner toning table

Upper body toner toning table has an upper body pad which moves in a superior and inferior direction. The patient lies supine with scapulas on a single moving pad. Upper extremities are extended with hands tapping the bar located at the bead of the machine, as the pad moves. Upper back extension is increased. An additional benefit is an increase of abdominal, trunk and cervical mobility.

Leg toner toning table

The Leg rotator toning table Machine allows concentration on particular areas of the legs. The calculative movement’s tones whole lower body area and exercise the legs. There are three separate but contiguous pulling movements involved.

#        the legs are moved inward using the Inner thigh muscles.

#        The legs are moved toward the body using all the thigh muscles.

#        The legs are moved out and away using the outer thigh muscles.

The knees are kept slightly bent. No pushing or resistive movement is involved. This machine reduces inches, firms and tones the entire leg area while concentrating on reducing the inner thigh.


Hip toner toning table

Hip toner toning table utilizes two pads that move back and front across the buttocks to firm and tone, and at the same time strengthen the abdominal muscles. As the buttocks are exercised, the cellulite is broken down and dissolved.  The gentle rhythmic action of the machine breaks down the cellulite giving a firm, smooth tone to the skin. You can also use sandbag to apply weight to the abdomen, helping the machine to work more effectively on the hips. (This toning table also known as the sand bag machine in abroad)

Waist toner toning table

Waist toner toning table alternately raises and lowers the legs 350 times during a normal -7minute treatment. As this occurs, the waist is gently twisted. The simultaneous action firms, tones and reduces the waist, tummy and hips. This machine combines the waist-twisting movement with the leg lifting movement. This exercise movement rapidly sheds inches from the waist, tummy and hips while it strengthens the muscles in the lower back. However the exercise can be done from both front and back side also.


Thigh toner toning table

Thigh Toner toning table effectively isolates the muscles of the inner and outer thighs, toning trimming and smoothing away unattractive ‘ripples’. This Thigh toner gives flexibility to whole lover body and starches the total thigh area to the most extendable distance.